Dear Delight Foods, You made my day today. Yesterday I have placed the order I got it today on special delivery. Good Service, Testy Product, Responsiveness. Keep it up (Y)

Mukesh Jagannath Shah

Congratulations! Very impressed with your delivery. Thank you so much. It's a boon for people like us who miss authentic food with which we have grown up. Please add new brands also. I have become a fan of your website and have recommended it to my friends. I small request.Can you please include sambar podi/vethakuzumbu podi/rasam podi /thengai podi to your list from grand sweets Chennai

Manju Ashok

Love the website - very well laid out, easy to navigate, and intuitive. Same goes for the company logo. It absolutely captures the mirth and the mood of your business. My best wishes to you and your team!


Mahesh Mohanty

Awesome concept and great products from all over India....placed an order for stuff from Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Delhi, and Agra...famous delicacies from famed makers....everything was authentic and fresh as promised...enjoyed shopping being a total foodie.

Sanjay Maru

Got my second order the other day. The goodies were absolutely "Delight"full. The packaging was as good as the stuff. Keep it up.

Mohun Raman

Today I received my 2nd order. I understand the small problems you had last week, every problem is a learning opportunity so wish you all the best . I must say all your delicacies are super tasty , fresh and well packed.

Manjushri Dutta

Just a feedback- Good to see so many different variety of food to order. The amount of loading time to check different products & to go to an other page is taking too long,Kindly address this issue.Apart from that,its an brilliant website with an awesome concept.All the Best

Arjun Manjunath

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