About Delight Foods

Delight Foods bring to you a collection of carefully selected foods of India. In our passionate search to offer food that is unique and full of flavour, we have ensured you get only the best and most renowned brands. Our brands are well-loved for their quality and have great stories, which we have captured on our Brands page.

We have designed our catalogue to cater to both your nostalgia, as well as your desire to explore superior everday use products from authentic origins. We have curated fine Indian food products and food ingredients across 1 categories - sweets, snacks incl. healthy snacks, fine staples, bakery items, papads/pickles and masalas/mixes.

Our masalas, mixes and pastes help you cook some of the most authentic dishes in an easy way. We work with a panel of chefs who have cooked these products and have confirmed that they are indeed special – do check out some of these easy Recipes and order the masalas to cook the next exciting dish at home.

You’ll find the offering here is not about off-the-shelf products from a supermarket. All the products have been sourced “fresh” from the kitchens and stores of these brands after we receive your order.

As our name suggests, our aim is to delight and guide you to the wonderful flavours of India’s rich food heritage.

How we got our name:

We argued and sulked and disagreed till we agreed. The entire team loved the name Delight Foods. Being foodies ourselves, we want to give the world the same wonderful pleasure that we get from food: that feeling of absolute delight.

We want to Delight the person missing the taste of their own regional fare.

We want to Delight the person who is a food adventurer.

We want to Delight the connoisseur.

We want to Delight the cooks and the wonderful people behind the brands.

We want to Delight the world. One bite at a time.

How we got our Logo:

The design of our logo represents the joy that delicious food brings to you. It is carefully curated, contemporary and slick.

The colour of our logo is a magical pink, the colour of happiness and vibrant contentment.

Why Shop with us ?

Delight Foods helps you discover India’s best and most authentic foods:
    • Large collection of delicacies from brands across India
    • Each brand is carefully researched for its fine quality, purity and taste
    • We offer recipes to cook authentic tasting dishes using our range of masalas and ready mixes
    • All your orders are freshly sourced and carefully packed to replicate a visit to the store
    • We strive to constantly improve our assortment through your suggestions (Exciting rewards may be on offer)

Meet the team

Delight Foods is owned by GFOI Retail Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore. GFOI (Great Foods of India) was the project code name the founders used while initially conceptualizing the idea.


Ramesh is an IIT/IIM alumnus with 25 years of retail, sales and marketing experience at Unilever, ICI Paints, Nokia and GMR Airports. He discovered his love for Indian food after living and travelling in different parts of the country and savouring the delights of each region.

Founding Team members

Our core troika of young professionals joined the founders early on.

Vineet Khicha has 8 years of retail experience after SP Jain – having worked closely with iconic food brands at Hyderabad Airport he realised the potential of marketing these on a national scale. He is curating foods from South India while doing category planning work at Delight foods.

Vineet Goel an ex Citibanker and an expert in financial advisory services decided to re-connect with his deep roots in ”Purani Dilli” to bring you authentic North Indian flavours.

Amit worked with mobile VAS companies and on his travels discovered many special foods. In Delight Foods he has been travelling all across the West and Central India and discovering some amazing tastes.

Radha has previously worked with Irish Dairy board to introduce their brands in India and now handles the brand building and marketing activies at Delight Foods. 

Customer Support and Logistics team has been working with Delight foods for 2 years and is the backbone of all the operational efficiency we have till now gathered.



We were angel funded by Fireside trust and R.B Investments who helped us create a great brand through their experience and to marquee investors in the indian consumer brand space along with a couple of other senior professional investors. 

We are now lucky to have a strategic partner/ investor as DTDC Retail Pvt Ltd.

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