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Makhana Crackers 200g

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Savor the tasteful breakthrough Delight Foods Makhana Crackers, a healthy snack, perfect for the health-conscious individual with that unbeatable delicious taste. Every bite is a tasty interlude of quality and choices, developed from the finest ground and baked fresh and hygienically for your consumption. 

1-With utmost care, our Makhana Crackers are produced using superior-quality elements and adequate flavoring, which highlight our organization’s focus on quality and flavor. 

2-Made from natural products that are rich in minerals and dietary fibers, these roasted and healthy snacks can be enjoyed by you and your family, friends, colleagues and everyone you hold dear without any feeling of regret!

3-The objective is the existence of a mixture of the meal, which promises a perfect unity of taste and crispiness in each piece.

4-If you happen to stock these crackers with appropriate packaging and in a cool dry place.

5-Using popped foxnuts as well as a mixture of refined palm olein oil, gram flour, iodized salt, sugar, and spice condiment containing garlic powder, onion powder, and poppy seeds make Makhana Crackers the perfect snack for every occasion.

Makhana Crackers 200g - Delight Foods
Makhana Crackers 200g

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