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Khus Angoori Petha 350g

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INGREDIENTS - Ash Gourd, Sugar Syrup, Water, Slaked Lime, Pure Saffron

DESCRIPTION - Our pethas are available in four traditional flavours - Petha Dry, Kesar Petha Dry, Angoori Petha and Kesar Angoori Petha.

Dry pethas have rough dry texture on the outside but are soft, pulpy on the inside. Angoori pethas are juicy, pulpy and soaked in the sweet syrup, which kind of melts in your mouth with each bite. Plain petha as the name suggests has a plain sugary flavour, whereas Khus pethas have a hint of aromatic & flavourful hint of Khuskhus. You may choose dry or angoori, kesar or plain, but we assure you that our petha will let you experience the real flavour of “Agra Ka Petha”.

Khus Angoori Petha 350g - Delight Foods
Khus Angoori Petha 350g

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