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Kala Chana Masala 300g

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Masala Kala Chana is an excellent snack that is crispy, delicious, and produced by deep-frying and spiced black chickpeas. This great-tasting snack can be served as a chaat or a delicious snack in the afternoon teatime. It has the unique feature of suppressing appetite while at the same time not posing any threat of taking on fats in the body, which makes it a suitable snack for those who are on a strict diet. Present in biodegradable food-grade Zip Lock pouches, Masala Kala Chana doesn’t get exhausted earlier due to its quality packaging. Made under strict hygiene conditions without the use of any preservatives and packed in small packets to be conveniently carried to working places or schools to provide a tasty break during morning tea time. 

1-Exotic in taste, this snack is prepared from fresh quality ingredients.
2-A great snack option that can curb hunger without contributing to weight gain.
3-Packaged in semi-biodegradable food-grade Zip Lock pouches to maintain freshness and flavor.
4-Deep-fried and seasoned with a blend of Indian spices for a delicious taste.

Kala Chana Masala 300g - Delight Foods
Kala Chana Masala 300g

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