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Athana Mirchi Red 250g

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INGREDIENT - Red Chilli (59%), Mustard (18%), Nimbu Salt (1.5%), Dry Mango Powder (2.5%), Asafoetida, Salt (12%), Mustard Oil (2%), Ground Spices & Acid Regulator (E-260), Contains Class II Preservative (E-211).

DESCRIPTION - Our food culture is well known for its diversity in pickle and chutney. Whether we live in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu or Rajasthan, each region has its own recipes of pickles, which are quite different but they all belong to the heart of Indian kitchen. Every community has a secret grandmother’s recipe and our Athana Red Mirchi achar is one such delicacy. Chilies grown in the Athana region of Rajasthan are longer and much fleshier. Only extra-long red chilies are plucked fresh and are stuffed individually with a blend of Marwari masala such as –Amchur, saunf, hing, etc. to prepare the perfect Athana mirchi pickle. We use only roasted and hand ground spices and pure Mustard oil to ensure genuine texture & flavour.

Athana Mirchi Red 250g - Delight Foods
Athana Mirchi Red 250g

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