Variar Bakery


ABOUT Variar Bakery

Variar Bakery was started by Mr.Govinda Variar in the year 1955. While in search of a job, he used to work all night just to use rented ovens to bake, and sell these items during the day. Soon, the word spread on the quality of his products and he began to focus entirely on the business. The family opened a second branch of this stupendously popular eatery in 2000 on West of Chord Road.

The bakery's mainstays are cookies and biscuits, which sell like hot cakes, quite literally (their cakes share the same popularity too!). The bakery makes an assortment of butter, cashew, coconut, milk and sweet-and-salt biscuits. This ensures that their massive ovens yield about two tons of biscuits and rusks each day. They also churn out two tons of bread and cakes a day. Variar Bakery does not use any preservatives or colouring substances, except for icing on some of the cakes.

"My father always believed that bakery items are only meant as refreshments and should not be considered as food. Although we run a bakery business, we also abide by our ethics, and we do not want our customers to binge on bakery products."

Mr. Govinda Variar

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