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ABOUT Suswaad Sweets

Venkatraman Street in T.Nagar, was just another regular street till 1988. The year 1988 gave birth to SUSWAAD, founded by Mr. R Krishnamurthy and it has now became a landmark for this area since then. SUSWAAD is a unique brand with no promotions, advertisements, posters or banners!

Despite this, people continue to pick SUSWAAD as their first choice when it comes to many south Indian snacks. Oil-less machine-made murukku - is that even possible? Well, SUSWAAD proved that it is. SUSWAAD also provides employment opportunities to the specially-abled people. Every branch of SUSWAAD employs at least one specially-abled person. 

"Our publicity is mainly through word-of-mouth. People who are contented with our products bring in customers and our clientèle grows."

Mr. R Krishnamurthy

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