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Not many know about the legend of Surendra Kumar Sanjay Kumar Jain Meerut Wale. Set up in 1960 by a pahalwan- Shri Kulwantraiji Jain, a firm believer of health and healthy foods, this small shop in Kinari Bazaar, Chandni Chowk is truly a hidden gem which many seem to have missed! Their trademark 'Hall of Fame' Peanut chikki and Til Papdi are unique! They maintain very high quality standards when it comes to sourcing or raw materials, processing the jaggery, rolling the sesame seeds and peanuts with molten jaggery syrup and then letting it cool off to be able to cut into pieces. They have only one ship on Old Delhi and that is the reason why they have been ablel to maintain their taste and quality for the last 55 years.
We are the third generation here and the fourth generation is going to take over very soon. We are proud to have maintained our taste and qulaity for 55 years! - Sanjay Jain (Third Generation)

Shri Kulwantraiji Jain

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