Shankar Namkeen


ABOUT Shankar Namkeen

Shankar Namkeen set up a shop in 1960 in the older part of the pink city and since then has been known for making excellent namkeens and mixtures of all kinds. In fact, their Namkeen became so popular within a few years that suddenly Jaipur was flooded by many more Shankars who added either new or Shree and tried to cash in on this shop's popularity.

The original Shankar Namkeen is Shop No. 5 at Chora Rasta. The most popular item of the shop is its Mixture.

Our Namkeen gained so much popularity in Jaipur, that the city was flooded with many more dubious Shankar Namkeens. But our Shop No.5 is the original and the oldest one.

Kalyanji Sahaya

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