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Have you ever wondered what masalas the restaurant Gulati on Pandara Road uses? The famous chain of Delhi restaurants uses Sahiba Spices to give that traditional Punjabi taste to its preparations. Other than Gulati, Sahiba Spices can boast of other famous users of its spices, such as The United Coffee House-Connaught Place. Established in the late nineties, Sahiba Spices are a result of extensive and continuous R&D for testing/analyzing their natural aroma and taste. Procured from the best sources, all ingredients are made to undergo stringent checks for freshness, cleanliness and of course, processability. Special care is taken to ensure that the nutritional values of all spices are retained and maintained. It's this passion that ensures their track record of never letting any substandard versions pass the quality checks. This also explains why Sahiba takes such exceptional care from selection of raw ingredients, to processing them and finally packaging them in the most hygenic manner.

"Our enviable list of customers include the famous restaurants of Pandara Road such as 'Gulati' and 'Have More'. We are extremely professional and keep innovating with modern production and quality maintenance technologies." - Atul Sharma

Atul Sharma

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