ABOUT Shan-E-Delhi

Anyone who has eaten in Delhi’s restaurants knows that it spoils you for any other city. But if you think about it, every Indian knows that it’s the masalas which make the food what it is. In the heart of Old Delhi is Shan-E-Delhi. This is where all of Old Delhi’s most popular restaurants procure their masalas from. They are true artists behind most of Old Delhi’s outstandingly delicious food. Over 90 years, Shan-E-Delhi has mastered the craft of blending spices and concocting heady mixtures that are either subtle or spicy. They are famous for their Nahari Masala that is used to marinate meats. This makea a spicy, savoury dish that is simmered till the masala seeps well into the meat. In addition to the Nahari Masala, their Aloo Masala turns potato curries into lip smacking dishes. They are famous for as many as fifty masalas for different kinds of foods. Dal Makhani Masala, Chat masala, Spice Powder, Mutton Korma Masala Powder and many more have turned many ordinary cooks to celebrity chefs! 

"Try our Aloo Masala and Nahari Masala and I bet you won't try any other" - Udayan Sharma (Third Generation)

Shri Prakash Sharma