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Farsan Mixture

DelightFoods , Maharashtra
Available in 200g packs
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Short Description :
  • Contains: 200g premium Farsan Mixture from Mumbai
  • Prepare using finest ingredients & authentic recipe to ensure superior quality product
  • Fried in fresh oil and excess oil is drained using centrifugal spinning technology
  • Crispy & tasty snack for you and your loved ones.
  • Veg| Best Before 90 days from the date of manufacturing. Store in a air tight container away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Farsan mixture is one of the most popular namkeens across the nation, particularly in the Northern West regions. Prepared using gram flour, this mildly salted crispy mixture is an ideal accompaniment with your cup of tea/coffee, meal. Each batch our Farsan mixture is fried in fresh oil and then centrifugal spinning is used to drain the excess oil. Processed and packed in a hygienic facility to ensure premium quality.

Gram Flour, Chana Dal, Refined Pamolein Oil, lodized Salt.
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