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Athana Mirchi Green

DelightFoods , Rajasthan
Available in 250g packs
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  • Contains: 250g Authentic Marwari Athana Mirchi Green (Green Stuffed Chili Pickle) packed in a reusable PET bottle.
  • Extra Long green chillies grown in the Athana region of Rajasthan are hand plucked in smaller quantities to ensure only finest chilies are used. Each chili is individually hand stuffed with marwari masala to ensure every chili is pickled to perfection by using amchoor and NOT the Citric Acid
  • Only roasted & hand ground spices are used along with pure mustard oil to ensure genuine texture and flavour. No garlic or onions are used. Enjoy this chatpata & spicy pickle with parathas, rotis, rice and other indian breads.
  • Processed and packed in a hygienic facility to ensure superior quality. No artificial colors or harmful chemicals are used. Prepared by one of the renowned manufacturers in Rajasthan, who specializes in authentic marwari pickles and chutneys.
  • Veg | Best before 180 days from the date of packing. | Store in a dry airtight container away from heat & moisture.

Our food culture is well known for its diversity in pickle and chutney . Whether we live in Maharashtra, Gujarat , Tamil Nadu or Rajasthan, each region has its own recipes of pickles, which are quite different but they all belongs to the heart of Indian kitchen . Every community has its secret grandmother’s recipe and our Athana Green Mirchi (Hari Mirch ka Achar) is one such recipe. Chilies grown in the Athana region of Rajasthan are longer and much fleshier. These favorite green mirchi’s are freshly hand plucked and are individually stuffed with authentic marwari masala. Only roasted & hand grounded spices are used along with pure mustard oil to prepare the perfect Athana mirchi pickle. Our pickles do not contain artificial colors, harmful chemicals, onions or garlic. The dont contain any Citric Acid. Enjoy this pickle with your preferred meal-such as parathas, rice or as an accompaniment with bhaji or Indian breads. Veg | Store in cool, dry and airtight container for better shelf life and taste. | Best before 6 months from the date of packing.

Green Chilli (59%), Mustard (18%), Nimbu Salt (1.5%), Dry Mango Powder (2.5%), Asafoetida, Salt (12%), Mustard Oil (2%), Ground Spices & Acid Regulator (E-260), Contains Class II Preservative (E-211).
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