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Gongura Pickle

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Available in 250g packs
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  • Andhra special gongura pickle 250g. A traditional andhra pickle to add a flavourful twist to your meal
  • Gongura is typically used in many telugu cuisines. The unique flavour & versatility has made it one of the most popular delicacies across india
  • Our gongura pickle is prepared using an age old traditional recipe & premium ingredients, which ensures authentic flavour & texture
  • Our pickles don't contain artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. Experience the true homemade flavours of andhra pickles
  • Store in a cool, dry and airtight container for better shelf life and taste; Shelf Life: 180 Days; Quantity: 250 Gm; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Package Content: 1 Bottle of Gongura Special Pickles
Contains - Andhra Special Gongura Pickle 250g. A traditional Andhra Pickle to add a flavourful twist to your meal. Spicy Masalas & Pickles are a daily affair in Andhra Pradesh. But you need not go to Andhra to explore their tantalizing & spicy pickle recipes. Authentic Andhra Pickles are just a click away. We bring you the most authentic range of Traditional Andhra Pickles, prepared using the finest ingredients & an age old recipe to ensure the genuine flavour, aroma & texture. Our pickles are manufactured using only natural ingredients & contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. We have the 5 most popular & exiting flavours - Avakaya(Mango), Allam(Ginger), Gongura, Red chilli & Bitter Gourd. Each variant is an ideal blend of the iconic spice & the main ingredient. Enjoy these flavourful pickles at the comfort of your home. Eat it with curd rice, rice sambar, Indian breads, etc. Veg| Store dry & airtight container. Do not use wet spoon. | Best Before 90 days from the date of packing
Gongura , red chillies, coriander seeds, chana dal, garlic cloves
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