ABOUT Nirapara

Nirapara - the Brand name in which KKR Mills markets rice, Masalas, pickles, ready to cook products is today the largest selling Brand in Kerala (India) and has become a household name. NIRAPARA rice, rice products, masalas, pickles products are exported all over the World.At Present Nirapara products are available in 32 countries including the US, the UK,Canada, Far East and West Asia.

K.K.R group was set up in 1976 by Mr. K.K. Karnan, a man who set out with the vision to bring quality rice into the traditional homes of Kerala in South India. A venture which started out with the traditional method of boiling, sun drying and milling, grew into one of the most modern rice processing houses in India with the latest world-class technology today. Nirapara now manufactures masalas, ready to cook products, pickles and spices. KKR Mills boast of a state-of-the-art plant with advanced technology, ensuring that products meet the most stringent quality and hygienic standards.

"The Nirapara brand is well accepted in the market and has become a household name in India and abroad, especially among Keralites. Today, the company commands 80% share in both rice and rice powders. In spices and pickles, the share is 40% and 10% respectively, which is rapidly increasing."

Mr. K.K. Karnan