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All great things have a similar foundation-'a vision to marvel'. Started in 1953 and later re-branded in 1985, Narayanji Galak Wale is synonymous with purity, quality, hygiene and tradition. Hard to find all these great attributes in one place! The raw materials used are soured from only the finest and that is why the delicacies such as the Gud Kaju Gajak, Revri, Tilsakri/Tilpatti are the purest of the lot. At the manufacturing unit, products are thoroughly processed to maintain maximum purity in the state of art environment. All Gajak are made on fully handmade, state-of-the-art machines and packaged in clinically hygienic environment.
Our products taste very fresha nd unique! We have maintained our quality and purity over 3 generations and today we are an icon! - Ram Swaroop (3rd Generation)

Narayan Ji

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