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Born in a Kutch, Gujarat, Mr Nanji Shah in search of greener pastures came to Mumbai in 1970 to become a doctor.Since his financial condition wasn't good enough he couldn't fulfil his dream. In 1980 he decided to open a shop of his own.With his strong will power & determination he decided to start a small Business. He founded and began the journey on his own. In 1993, he visited overseas countries to study how supermarkets in those parts functioned. He returned as an enlightened man, impressed with the standards of cleanliness, hygiene, discipline and practices; He did few changes in his Business. A brand which has been created by sheer hard work and an aim to provide excellent quality and services now try second generation although. The aroma of different products which emanates from the shop, is simply irresistible!.

"Authentic Taste & Trust is the backbone of Neelam. It’s the core reason for its survival over the decades."

Mr Nanji Shah

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