Maganlal Chikki


ABOUT Maganlal Chikki

The incredible journey of Maganlal Chikki started way back in 1888 in Lonavala, when Late Shri Bhewarji Agarrwal started the company in the name of his son Maganlal. Later, the business expanded much beyond the boundaries of Lonawala by Maganlal and his sons who used very innovative way to promote their brand. They used to provide nutritious chikki to the railway workers, on a teak leaf! Today, the company has grown phenomenally. Today, the fifth generation - Mangeyesh, and his father Dhruv Agarrwal, are spreading their wings in international markets too.

"They used to provide nutritious chikkis to the railway workers, on a teak leaf."

Shri Bhewarji Agarrwal

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