Thandai Kesari Badam

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Thandai Kesari Badam
Delight Foods Delhi, Delhi
Rs 360 - 750ml
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SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Mix 1/5th portion of Kesar Badam Thandai with 1 glass of chilled milk

Invented by a famous Hakim back in 1890, our Thandai has 40% more Thandai Mixture (Badam, Elaichi, Saunf, Khus Khus, Tarbooz Ki Giri, Safed Mirch) made from only the freshest and the best quality ingredients. With the real feel of spice, our Thandai besides having great health benefits, also has a blast of all natural flavours.

The Process:
1. Premium quality ingredients are handpicked to prepare the Thandai Masala (Mixture of Badam, Elaichi, Saunf, Khus Khus, Watermelon Seeds & White Pepper). The content of this special masala is 40% more than what the industry uses!

2. It is then mixed well in purified water along with fresh rose petal crush and pure saffron to give our Thandai its true original flavour.

The Taste:
1. Not too sweet

2. You feel the spice smoothly going down the throat
3. Natural flavours of all ingredients

The Uniqueness:
1. 127 year old recipe by a famous Hakim

2. Rich content - 40% more Thandai mixture
3. No artificial colours or flavours
5. Use of real fresh Rose Petals crush
6. Premium quality Almonds and Saffron

The Test:

The uniqueness of our Thandai can be tested by placing our Thandai next to any other Thandai bottle for 24 hours. You would discover that the water will be separated from the masala and settle at the bottom. You can easily make out that the solid content will form 75-80% of the bottle whereas the water will only be 20-25%. The industry average is between 40-50% of solid content only.

Health Benefits:
1. Almonds and Watermelon Seeds - Very energizing espacially when mixed with milk 

2. Fennel Seeds (Saunf) - Cooling and Refreshing
3. Rose petals, Poppy seeds (Khus Khus), White Pepper and Cardamom - Better digestion, cleansing and anti-oxidation 

Vegetarian | Best Before 6 Months from date of packing if sealed. 3 months from date of packing after opening | Keep refrigerated after opening.  
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Delight Foods Delhi

Delight Foods brings to you authentic regional delicacies from across India

Delight Foods Delhi


Delight Foods brings to you authentic regional delicacies from across India

Delight Foods brings to you authentic regional delicacies from across India.

Delight Foods


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Sugar, Water, Thandai 14% (mixture of Badam, Elaichi, Saunf, Khus Khus, Tarbooz Ki Giri, Safed Mirch), Rose Petals, Permitted Class III and Class IV Preservatives - Sodium Benzoate & Citric Acid, Saffron. NO ADDED FOOD COLOUR OR ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURING AGENTS
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