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ABOUT Honey Twigs

Honey Twigs aims to revolutionize the ancient superfood for today's generation by offering Natural Honey On The Go. Pour a Twig in your green tea at work, Slurp it while travelling for a quick energy boost, or simply enjoy a Twig while chilling at home.


While doing their masters in London in 2008, Jigar, came up with an idea to change the way honey was being consumed and Paras seconded it. Five years later, the duo launched Honey Twigs, with Jigar as the honey connoisseur and Paras steering the brand’s business vision. Together, the two have channelled their passion for food to build a company that aims to bring pure and delicious honey to all parts of India and beyond, making your life sweeter one twig at a time. 

Simply - Rip! Squeeze! Slurp! It's so simple that we like to call it HONEY on the GO! Ohh !! and did we mention it's Non - Messy?!

Jigar Mehta and Paras

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