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Mylapore Iyers Special Chennai Mixture

DelightFoods , Bangalore
Available in 200g,350g packs
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  • Contains: Authentic, crispy & delicious Special Chennai Mixture 200/350g, prepared using traditional Mylapore Iyers recipe.
  • Fried in 100% pure groundnut oil under controlled temperature to ensure - non greasy, light texture. It also enhances the flavors of natural ingredients used.
  • Fresh oil is used to fry every new batch of preparation. None of our Mylapore snacks are fried in reused oil, this helps in extending the shelflife of the product without using artificial preservatives or chemicals.
  • Pefect accompaniment with meals. A crispy snack to go with your cup of coffee/ tea. Quick muchies for you & your loved ones over a conversation.
  • Best before 60 days from the date of packing. Store in an airtight container away from direct sunlight & moisture.

Try our authentic Mylapore snacks prepared using 100% natural ingredients and traditional recipes. Special Chennai Mixture is a falvorful mix of boondi, sev, peanuts, murkku, ribbon pakoda, etc. Collectively this creates a harmony of flavors with every bite. Crispy and light, every bite of Mylapore snacks is packed with delicious flavors, a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Tamilz Nadu. None of our snacks are fried in reused oil, every new batch is fried in fresh and pure groundnut oil under controlled temperature. The hygenic kitchen and single fry method also ensure that the snacks have longer shelflife even without use of preservatives or chemicals. This is what makes our namkeen/ snacks much better than other popular brands that use harmful palm oil, cottonseed oil or vegetable fat.

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