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Benne Murukku/ Butter Murukku

DelightFoods , Karnataka
Available in 200g,350g packs
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Contains: Mildly salted Butter Murukku fried in fresh & pure cold pressed Sunflower oil. Traditionally prepared batter is deep-fried in pure sunflower oil under controlled temperature to ensure that every piece of murukku is crispy, light, non greasy & flavorful. No preservatives, chemicals are used. Our snacks are fried in cold-pressed sunflower oil, which makes them an ideal replacement for harmful palm/ cottonseed oil fried snacks sold by other popular brands. The buttery flavor and crumbling texture of murukku will definitely take you on a deletable journey. An ideal tea time/ evening snack or a quick munchie for your hunger pangs. Also checkout our similar snacks - Masala Murukku, Pepper Banana Chips, Maddur Vada, Chilli Banana Chips & Rava Kodubale Veg| Store in a closed and dry container away from direct sunlight & moisture. Best before 2 months from the date of packing.
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