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Holi's Special Badam Thandai Masala

DelightFoods , Delhi
Available in 800g,400g,200g packs
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Short Description :
  • Contains -(200g-240Rs/400g-480Rs/800g-960Rs) pack of authentic Badaam Thandai Masala premix.
  • Prepared by grounding the finest quality dried fruits & spices and mixing them in the most ideal proportion to ensure the aroma & flavor is just perfect.
  • Contains richness of pista, floral hint of rose petals and appetizing color of saffron strands. A premium thandai mix for you & your loved ones.
  • Packed in a very hygenic kitchen and sealed in a tamper proof pouch. Recipe printed on the back of the pouch(Just mix it with chilled milk & stir well).
  • Best before 365 days from the date of manufacture. Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture & heat. Dont use wet spoon. Store carefully once open to ensure longer shelf life.

‘Thandai’ is a very popular drink in India prepared using grounded dried fruits and spices. The demand for this unique sherbat increases multiple folds during the celebrations of Mahashivratri and Holi. We bring you this iconic Thandai Premix in the form of powder, prepared by one of the oldest ‘spices and masalas’ manufacturing experts in purana Dilli. This recipe is culinary inheritance handed down from one generation to other over the decades. Enjoy the most authentic thandai at home with the help of our Badaam Thandai Masala, a easy to to prepare instant mix. Make you festive celebrations more flavorful and nutritious or just use it as a summer cooler.

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