ABOUT Hameedi

Mohammed Hussain, a fifteen year old Turkish boy, decided to start his business and set up a sweet shop in Hyderabad. It was sometime in the early nineteenth century, and this shop was also the first in the city during the rule of the Nizam, as claims go.

The sweet shop sold everything Turkish, and one of them happened to be the Jauzi Halwa. Being the only sweet shop to offer this, word spread around, and the then Nizam (last Nizam) himself tasted the sweets in the shop. The Nizam loved the sweet so much that he announced that the shop be named after the nickname of one of his sons. That’s how the shop came to be called Hameedi. The Nizam also sent a letter to him. This 100-year-old shop looks old but there is no compromise on the number of dishes being prepared in the shop, which is still a favourite with the true blue Hyderabadis who love their classic sweets. Try their traditional Jouzi Halwa, Ashrafi and Badam ki Jaalis for the real Hyderabadi taste.

"As told to us by our grandfather (Mohammed Hussain), when the shop began, everything else around was a jungle. There were no lights and no proper roads. And his shop was just around the corner of a naturally formed road. There was no name either."

Mr. Mohammed Hussain