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From the Asian Age article - "Amrit flows from the Himalayas".  This is not a “once-upon-a-time” story. A sanyasi came down from the Himalayas and set himself up in a small town, Nurpur, Kangra in Himachal Pradesh. People flocked around him. His following grew day by day. Amongst those who visited the sanyasi regularly was a young man by the name of Ajay Mahajan, a local resident.


First, the sanyasi gave Ajay an occasional glance but after a month called him to his side. The events took place recently. The sanyasi gave Ajay a formulation. A beverage with green tea base blended with twenty herbs. “Taste the liquor” invited the Sanyasi and poured out a tumbler full to Ajay. “It is delicious indeed,” exclaimed Ajay. “It is a health drink, my son and tasty too as you have just confirmed.” “It is good, very good indeed.” “Tea has many curative properties.” “Yes Sir” “It was introduced to human beings as a medicine.” “Yes Sir” “Two cups a day and you are healthy.” “Like an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” “Yes, this formula is anti-stress, anti-ageing and keeps  you fit. Isn’t tea good for the heart?. Yes it is. It is also good for all stomach ailments. I see. It is a tonic, regular drinking will keep your stomach clean. It will not allow any stone formation.” “It will collect the tea and herbs, blend them and come back to you.


Ajay got busy. It took him a whole month to get all the ingredients and to get the blend ready. He took the magic potion with him to his guru, but there was no one there. The sanyasi had left, gone for ever ! Ajay was naturally disappointed but he started work on his blending factory in right earnest. The spot he chose was right where the Sanyasi sat. A modern, smart and hygienic unit is, today, fully functional. The product is a blend of tea. Tulsi, (Basil Plant), Saunf (Aniseed), Nagar Motha, Lal Chandan (Red Sandal), Badhia Khatai, Bramhi, Arjun Chal (Bark), Sugand Bala (Aromatic Plant), Sund (Dry Ginger), Gulab (Rose), Shank Pushpi (Flowers), Long (Cloves), Lemon Grass, Bari Elaichi (Black Cardamom) Pudhina (Mint), Mulathee (Liguorice), Dalchini (Cinnamon), Tejpatta (Cassia Leaves), Ashwagandha and Banapsha.


The packet proudly declares. “ Herbal tea is a bouquet of subtle flavours. A unique blend of ancient Indian herbs with a green tea base. It refreshes, invigorates, builds up body resistance, tones up digestive system, tones up nervous respiratory system, tones up circulatory system and is an efficient mental stimulant.

We have the true Herbal Tea which is a blend of actual herbs with medicinal benefits.

Ajay Mahajan

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