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Holi Special Gujiya

DelightFoods , Delhi
Available in 400g,800g packs
Price includes: Packing charges of 30.00
₹490.00 Regular Price ₹540.00
Short Description :
  • Contains: (400g-490rs/800g-970rs)Authentic & delicious Gujiyas from one of the oldest mithai stores in Old Delhi
  • Celebrate this Holi with our traditional Gujiyas that have succelent tasty filling on the inside
  • Gujiya is a deep fried dough filled with khoya/mawa, cashews, almonds, raisins etc.
  • Ideal for celebration, gifting, house parties and pooja. Prepared & packed hygienically
  • Veg| Store in a cool, dry and air tight container once opened. Sweets must be stored in refrigeration once received.

Contains: Holi Special Gujiya - 400g

Holi is here and so is the craving for Bhikharam's special Gujiya! Without Gujiya, Holi would seem like 'Holi without colours'. Gujiya is a deep fried dough filled with khoya/ mawa, cashews, almonds, raisins etc. You could actually call it a 'Sweet fried Samosa'.

If you prefer something lighter & are concious about sugar intake try our lite Gujiya. Also checkout our Holi Special Collection.

Also Know As: Khoya Puri, Chandrakala, Khova Puri, Gujia, Goojia, Goojiya, etc.

Vegetarian | 15 Days From Date of Packing | Store In An Air Tight Container

Maida, Khoya, Dry Fruits, Desi Ghee, Spices, Sugar and Sugar Syrup
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