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ABOUT G Pulla Reddy

G. Pullareddy, now known world over as a sweet maker, began life on a humble note. He used to move around on a bicycle to sell the sweets prepared by his wife, in his native village Gokavaram in Kurnool district. In 1948, he opened a small sweet shop in Kurnool town. Gradually, Pulla Reddy earned fame for the quality of his sweets. In 1954, he became the official sweet supplier to Raj Bhavan and went on to set up a chain of sweet shops in Hyderabad, Kurnool, and even other parts of the country

He has also opened shops in many US cities, including New York, California and Charlotte. Apart from being a great sweet maker, G Pulla Reddy is also a noted philantrophist. Besides establishing a number of colleges in Hyderabad and Kurnool, Pulla Reddy also set up 'Vignana Peeth,' a school for sheltering and educating orphaned children.

"Our focus is more on the quality of our products themselves, rather than artistic packaging. Our sales in dry fruits are nominal as we are preferred for our traditional variety"

Late Sri G Pullareddy

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