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ABOUT Gundappa Sweets

Gundappa Hotel now renamed Sri Ram Vilas, is a legendary sweetmeat shop on OTC road, Nagrathpet and was established in 1933. Gundappa hotel is one of those legendary eateries that refuse to compromise on quality, and would rather stay small. Needless to say, this has ensured that their snacks taste the same as they did 50 years ago.

Started by H S Gundanna, this restaurant has passed through troubled times during the British rule, when food was rationed due to the Second World War. Gundanna's own story sounds like a legend. He ran away from home and joined a city hotel as a waiter. After he learnt the tricks of the trade, he set up his own eatout and decided to make it a different sort of place, one that specialised in sweets.

The shop is not open on holidays and the food prepared daily has to be consumed on the same day. Nothing is taken over to the next day and that's how they believe they have maintained their quality for this long. Those of you who relish authentic South Indian (Kannadiga style) traditional sweets, have to check out the products of Gundappa Sweets and we guarantee it will satiate your sweet tooth. 

"Our customers have been with us for very long. Many sweet shops cater to old-timers and say that youngsters don't prefer sweets. We have proved it wrong" Mr.H.G.Srikanth

Mr H S Gundanna

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