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Established in 1953 and located on the busiest street of Dehradun, Ellora Homeaids is a name that everyone in the town reckons. Unbelievably famous, this cakes and bakes wonderland is believed to be infusing magic in its ever so famous treats like Rusks, Coconut Macaroons, Stickjaws and Plum Cakes. The owners, over the last 3 generations have successfully passed on the gift of baking super-quality delicacies. No wonder one can't resist paying a visit to this ordinary looking conventional bakery paradise.
"We have been around since 1953. Our Macaroons and Rusks are extremely popular in the valley and outside. We want to continue through the coming generations with the same dignity and quality! "- Anupam Gulati (Third Generation)

Mr. Gulati

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