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Himalayan Pink Salt 750g

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INGREDIENTS - Crushed Pink Salt

DESCRIPTION - Our shade of pink is the most natural color and indicates that our salt in un-adulterated. Correctly processed high-quality Himalayan salt will range in color from light white to shades of pink and light red. - The appropriate shade of pink indicates no mixing of artificial color - Organically procured and processed - Negligible residue upon mixing with water - No dusty settlements - Great seasoning for your Indian and Mughlai cuisines since it does not add excessive sourness to your food - 80+ minerals and no adulteration whatsoever - Fine Grain and Free Flowing rock salt. With regular consumption (by replacing your table sea salt) you may notice better control over your blood pressure.

Himalayan Pink Salt 750g - Delight Foods
Himalayan Pink Salt 750g

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