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ABOUT Chitale Bandhu

Shri Raghunath Rao (Bhausaheb) Chitale laid the foundation of Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale in 1950. Until then, very few people outside Maharashtra had eaten the snack called Bakarwadi. Chitale Bandhu started making Bakarwadi and its fame spread far and wide. As a testimony to its taste, Chitale Bandhu’s Bakarwadi has its fans all over the world. Over the years, the Chitale technique of making Bakarwadi and other sweets has changed over time. Now they are mixed, rolled flat, sprayed with masala, rolled up, fried and packed by imported machines to give it a fresh look and to maintain hygienic conditions without compromising on quality.

"We realized that demand for bakarwadi would increase if it was modified to the Marathi Palate so we tweaked our recipe."

Shri Raghunath Rao (Bhausaheb) Chitale

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