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Baba Thakur Dasji came to India from Pakistan, after the Partition. He was a halwai (sweet maker) in Dera Ismail Khan Gaon in Pakistan and, when he reached India, he was sent to Alwar. Milk cakes also called dodha barfi or palang tor is a popular item in Punjab and possibly it was made by him in Pakistan also.


The sweet is made by using bhattis. There are 16 bhattis manned by 16 karighars. Each is in a different stage of completion. One man weighs the sugar and gives it to another stirring the milk, while another puts it into bottles and passes it on to another karighar. A balti with five litres of milk is kept aside for use. Each karighar at one time uses five litres to make 1.6 kg Kalakand. What ensures the trademark brown middle is the high temperature. The outsides cool faster while the heat trapped in the centre thickens the milk further making it brown.


Today, Baba Thakur Das sells anywhere between 800 to 1,000 kg of Kalakand a day and uses about 4,000 kg or more of milk. The milk comes from nearby villages and the quality is tested by them personally. The family is involved directly in the entire process of preparation. The shop is open throughout the year.

"Then the sweet was made on the footpath. When Dadaji put the milk to boil, it curdled. He let it thicken and filled the thickened sweet in a mould. When it was opened, it emerged with a delicious brown centre. When people asked Babaji what it was, he said, ‘yehi to kala hai’, meaning that is the skill. From that time onwards the sweet came to be called Kalakand!" - Abhishek Taneja (Third Generation )

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