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Babu Singh Takur’s Dharwad Peda is one of the most prized treats for a Foodie. It surpasses other contenders in all the aspects, be it the unique mouth-watering flavour or the soft milky texture that melts in your mouth, these Pedas stand tall among others. Now run by fifth generation, the Thakurs setup a strong base in Dharwad by promoting dairy farms, which provide over 500 litres of Buffalo milk every day for preparing the Khova – main ingredient of Peda. It all started when Shri Ram Ratan Singh Thakur migrated from Uttar Pradesh. Little did he know that his delicious peda would gain National and International recognition in next few decades, thanks to his grandson Shri Babusingh Thakur. Their store in Line bazar is now run by 5th generation and the business has prospered much more.


Shri Ram Ratan Singh Thakur

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