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125 years ago, in the erstwhile state of Bikaner in the scorching region of the Thar Desert, Tansukhdas Agarwal founded ‘Bari’ – a home-made dry vegetable made from Moth Dal flour. He tried frying the Bari in a pan and discovered its divine taste. He called it ‘Bhujia’ (which meant fried food). There was no looking back after that. It became the favourite snack in the Durbar of Bikaner. Different regions try to make this snack, but the taste of Moth Dal of Bikaner gives the bhujia a flavour so distinctive that ‘Bikaneri Bhujia’ is now the golden standard. As Bhikharam Chandmal prospered, it pursued the need for consistent quality, rather than quantity. Bhikharam Chandmal now has an envious and an ever-growing list of fans across the globe.

"We gave the world the snack-Bhujia! Our products taste authentic!" - Sulabh Agrawal (Fifth Generation)

Lala Tansukhdas Agarwal

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