ABOUT Bedekar

When Mr. V. P. Bedekar started a small grocery shop at Girgaum, Mumbai in the year 1910, little did he know that it would evolve into the legendary V. P. Bedekar & Sons Pvt. Ltd. His son Mr. V. V. Bedekar (Annasaheb Bedekar) joined the business in 1914, at the age of 13. To remain competitive and progressive, he started manufacturing spices in 1917 and pickles in 1921. Soon, he attracted a growing and loyal clientele for spices, pickle and papads. Only select products were available at the Bedekar outlet, and the customers were quite impressed and became a regular clientele. Today, the brand “Bedekar” is a household name in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Goa, M.P., Chhattisgarh, and many other major cities of India. 

"Due to changes in customer lifestyle, the demand for traditional foods will be very good in coming days."

Mr V.P Bedekar