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ABOUT Agrawal 420

In 1962, Hukum Chand Agrawal had 150 rupees , 5 kilos of moong dal and a strong desire to sell high quality pappad. And that's how he began his enterprise. Inspired by the Raj Kapoor film ‘Shri 420’, he called the papads, 420. The quirky number ‘420’ is usually known in India to stand for a crook or fraud, but for the Hukum Chand Agrawal clientele, ’420’ implies hard work and authenticity. Today, the extended Agrawal family is involved in making the enterprise grow. Agarwal 420 Papad is now used daily in households of the country and abroad.

" You should never cheat the people who have placed their trust on you."

Mr Hukum Chand Agrawal

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