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Nonandrai Bholanath is one of the oldest food business establishments with about 15 decades of history. Since then, they have been extremely conscious about their quality of spices and dry fruits. They manufacture about 70 types of masalas. They have an exhaustive experience in developing masala flavours. They have efficiently developed many spices for confectionery and catering purposes. They are famous for their Naubahar Chutney (Pudina Chutney) which is preferred by a majority of the 'chatwalas', as well as households. Other than masalas, they are renowned for their special Vrat (Fast) Attas such as Kuttu ka Atta, Singhade ka Atta and Samak ke Chawal. They are also very famous for refreshing masalas such as Jeera Pani Masala and Badam Thandai Masala.

"Shri Bholanath Ji founded the famous Thandai Masala and till date we are known for it, apart from Pudina Chutney, Methi Chutney and Jal Jeera Masala" - Shubham Gupta (Sixth Generation)

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