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ABOUT Ambika Appalam

The founder, Mr. K A Velayudham's father, had started this business on a very small scale at his residence around the year 1915 for a livelihood. Mr. K A Velayudham began with 4 annas as capital and his first investment was on a cycle. In 1945, he commercialized the business by employing more people to make appalams. He was the first person to open an appalam-only shop in Chennai that used to excusively sell appalams.

Due to the quality of his products, Ambika Appalam soon gained momentum among the people of the Madras city. It is often told that Mr.Velayudham used to sell appalams during the second World War by standing in the bunkers! Today, Ambika Appalam is a household name and the appalams are not only consumed across India, but also have a strong export market.

“President R. Venkataraman once wrote in the Rashtrapati Bhavan menu that South Indian food should be served with Ambika Appalam,”

Mr. K A Velayudham

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