Min order RS 250 Price includes shipping in Metros, RS 100 extra shipping & no COD in non metros Learn More

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Price includes Shipping in Metros.

Minimum Order Rs 250.

Price includes some pkg & shipping charges (0-20%), and this is displayed on the product page.

No extra costs for metro cities - Rs 100/ extra charged for non metro cities.

Servicing  Mumbai, Hyd, Chennai, NCR, Bangalore metros.

Servicing Lucknow, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Kanpur  - NO COD in these cities


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  1. Delight Foods is all about discovering the best of best products and brands of India.
  2. Considering India’s rich food heritage, we believe there will be a lot more speciality brands which we may not be aware of. We will be excited to hear from you some unique products which can be showcased to the rest of the country.
  3. Please fill the form given below and we will make all attempts to enlist that brand.
  4. Please however note the following criteria we check before listing the products:
    • Reputation of the brand and its compliance with prevailing laws especially FSSAI and Legal Metrology Act.
    • Products which have a minimum shelf life of 7 days.
    • Location and transit worthy packaging.
  5. We will try our best! If we are able to add any new product or brand based on your suggestion you will get a free shopping voucher of Rs. 300. Our team will update you. Thank you!